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Angel Igual , lives and works in his studio in Vila -real, but is rooted in the ” Olleries ” Street of Vall d’ Uxó , which encourages him when was young since its concern about the visual arts and more specifically for ceramics .

He studied at the School of Ceramics Manises, earning his degree in Ceramic Technical Expert, where he will continue his studies with the Advanced Studies in Ceramics. She then continues studying at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC ) where you get a degree in Communication Studies and a Masters in Education and ICT . These are combined with numerous design-related courses , languages , ceramics and techniques in the field of education and culture.

His career combines teaching, research , ceramics exhibitions and creating unique work.
In the field of research work on new materials , raw materials, collaborative work through information technology and communication techniques and experimental firing.

In the field of teaching , currently continues his teaching in the field of ceramics in the CMA Martí Rafel Viciana , and teaching courses on different ceramic  techniques for professionals.

As an artist highlights their work in the European project MUS- E, of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, as well as some of his exhibitions as ” Llegendes ” which received over 2000 visits , or some of its parts as his sculpture “Homenage a los Reyes Magos ” which gives its name to a square in Vila- real. He has also given lectures and master classes in different parts of the world.

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