Ceramic jewelry torch



cerámica con sopleteIn this workshop we will create jewelry ceramics. Although we can work with larger pieces, these small parts, allow us to better control the firing process working directly with a torch.

In this workshop, we show how parts can be decorated in various ways. Choosing application formats may use different techniques and relate differently to the firing, showing a very interesting tool for testing .
Included in this workshop we can also see different techniques such as Raku, some of its aspects, such a reductions, luster, matte copper and other techniques.
In this workshop we will work on decorating pieces by different methods. We will experiment by playing with reduction and oxidation, observing the performance of each technique . The processes and reactions occurring in the furnace will be explained. After each experimental workshop, a review will be done taking into account all aspects of the evaluation process that affect the planning of experiments proposed for attendees.


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