Some thing that makes Angel more for entertainment. 

IMG_20150101_175548Inauguration of the sculpture tribute to the Three Kings

Last January 3rd Angel Igual opened the sculpture tribute to the tes Kings. Consisting of three stoneware sculptures.






facc_logo_colorCoordinator of the International Fair of Contemporary Ceramic Art and Culture (FACC) 

Angel Igual is a coordinator  with the Cátedra de Innovación Cerámica  “Ciutat de Vila-real” of Castellon’s Jaume I University. He created and coordinated the International Fair of Contemporary Ceramic Art and Culture.  This fair show exhibitions at international level, along with museums of Vila-real, the Museu del Taulell Manolo Safont de Onda, The Museum of  Ceramic in Alcora, the Manises Ceramic Museum, the National Ceramics Museum “Gonzalez Marti”. Also Included, are Master classes with the best specialists in the world in different techniques,  European and International Art Galleries, performances that unite the different arts, a meeting point for all schools of artistic ceramics at National level,  round tables and many papers more activities to enhance the artistic ceramics Worldwide. 

Jornada de ReflexiónGroup exhibition INITIUM 2014 

Angel Igual participates in the exhibition “INITIUM 2014” with his sculpture  “Day of Reflection” at the Centro de Artesanía de la Comunidad Valenciana.  





Taller Pit firing El BressolPit Firing Workshop in Vila-real 

During the month of September , Angel Igual taught a course on firing on sawdust for “Associació Cultural El Bressol”, showing students, such techniques as how to  finish the pieces with burnishing,  working with salts, preservation with natural elements and how to build and bake in a  sawdust kiln (ancestral form) as did the Native Americans to obtain pieces with contemporary character . 




Curso en la Rambla (Cordoba)

Workshop in La Rambla 

Angel Igual shared with potters from different parts of Spain and Europe different working techniques he uses in some of his work. Participants were able to see how to make decorations working with clay and ash, both at the time of forming the piece and with the use of  glazes. 








Curso de escultura In SituWorkshop building and cooking sculptures “In situ” in Piriapolis (Uruguay)

During the Workshops in Uruguay, the participants were shown how to use the art of creating sculptures “In situ”. The students learned to build parts from autochthonous materials leveraging and building the kiln in place. They also practiced using the kiln. The participant participated in making a sculpture that will be placed in front of the cultural centre in the town. The workshop was organized under the  4th International Ceramic Meeting, for the  Colectivo Cerámico de  Uruguay. There were approximately 300 participants gathered for this event.



Conferencia en al 2 Congreso europeo de Cocciones a leñaConference at the 2nd European Woodfiring Conference. 

“We must make a special mention of the presentation by Angel Igual  whose presentation dealt with the firings Kilns  in Spain. Angel did a review of the traditional kilns, from the Neolithic period to the twentieth century, following the path of development to the present time and his works.” Wladimir Vivas. Infoceràmica. Conference given under the 2nd European Wood Fire Conference in the International Ceramic Research Center Guldagergaard in Denmark, which featured potters from 116 different countries. 




IMG_5784Workshop in Vall d’Uixó. 

During the month of June Angel Igual presented a course on the construction of plaster molds, as well as the potential of reproducing pieces using these techniques for teachers from ceramic molds. 






Angel En CercoCollective Exhibition in CERCO 2014 

Angel Igual participated in the exhibition of the National Association of Professional Pottery  in CERCO 2014 (Zaragoza) with his sculpture ” Closed Garden”.