Paper kiln / Glass kiln



Horno de papel

This workshop and exhibition is about building a kiln , either with paper or glass. This kiln will have to endure temperatures above 1000 ° C.

This workshop will demonstrate the decoration of small pieces to be fired in an kiln. The decorations will be applied in the oven, and the pieces will be stacked, which help in the firing process.
Paper is used on the kiln to prepare a slurry surface which together with the recycled materials help us to create a housing for the construction of the furnace and allow maximum performance during the firing.

In the case of glass furnace construction it is more complicated and dangerous because the walls are made of glass bottles. The glass bottles are used to indicate when the oven has reached the desired temperature.

Kiln Construction Techniques

In this workshop we decorate pieces by different methods, build a kiln and a firing stove. Also, we will demonstrate the operations of these techniques and the processes and reactions occurring in the kiln.Imagen11Imagen10

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