The trench kiln -Firing in Nature



Horno trincheraTrench kiln or firing in nature is mainly an application of ancient firing techniques to contemporary decorations.
It is still used by Native American Indians combining their work with their more contemporary decor.


This pottery art is fired with wood and without closing the furnace hearth . It can be made from small kilns like rubbish cans, paint buckets or trench ovens several meters long and wide.

The decoration in this type of firing occurs when dust materials are put on the piece and combined with the smoke from the “Trench Kiln.”

The versatility of this firing allows all the pieces to be fired like in an oven by placing each students pieces in a metal bucket.
Spectators or  students will learn about the different types of wood and the calorific value of each type . Students will work on assembling a furnace for this type of firing and see the cocción en tachoresults obtained by dyes and smoke or other natural elements .

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